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Example of Used Oil Analysis Report

LUBESAFE used Oil analysis service


Today’s maritime business focus increasingly on uptime gains and preventive maintenance. Comprehensive and consistent testing and analyzing of your vessel’s used oil helps you identify potential maintenance savings.

As a consequence UniMarine in cooperation with one of the most well reputed and experienced marine laboratories have created the LubeSafe used oil analysis service.

A user friendly analysis service that enables you to:

  • Be aware of changes in the oil/engine condition through early warnings
  • Use test and alert limits based on realistic limits
  • Base your decisions on enhanced comments including recommended remedial action
  • Extend oil life and reduce costs
  • Indentify wear and thereby reduce components and maintenance costs
  • Prevent unplanned maintenance/downtime
  • Compare oil properties and wear metal results for similar/different engine types
  • Detect leaking fuel pumps/injectors
  • Reduce possible spares failure in hydraulic systems


The LubeSafe website gives you fast and easy access to the reports, results and recommendations. The reports are easy to read and understand at a glance. Furthermore LubeSafe website enables you to quickly share information, tasks and assignments between fleet superintendents and on board crews.

Our experienced marine engineers will make recommendations to improve your oil and machinery operations while the comprehensive data and swift reporting analysis results allow you to take the appropriate preventive maintenance actions in a timely manner.

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C cSts IP71 All
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C cSts IP71 All
Water % Volume In House All
Soot / Insolubles % Weight FTIR Engine
Flashpoint °Celcius IP35 Engine
Acid Number mgKOH/g IP139 Non Engine
Base Number mgKOH/g IP276 Engine
ISO code 4/6/14 mms ISO4406 Hydraulic
PQ index /2ml PQ Analex Engine & Gearbox
Barium ppm ICP D5185 All
Calcium ppm ICP D5185 All
Magnesium ppm ICP D5185 All
Phosphorus ppm ICP D5185 All
Zinc ppm ICP D5185 All
Boron ppm ICP D5185 All
Sodium ppm ICP D5185 All
Lithium ppm ICP D5185 All
Aluminum ppm ICP D5185 All
Chromium ppm ICP D5185 All
Copper ppm ICP D5185 All
Iron ppm ICP D5185 All
Lead ppm ICP D5185 All
Tin ppm ICP D5185 All
Molybdenum ppm ICP D5185 All
Nickel ppm ICP D5185 All
Titanium ppm ICP D5185 All
Silver ppm ICP D5185 All
Manganese ppm ICP D5185 All
Vanadium ppm ICP D5185 Engine