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Marine Lubricants

Wherever You Sail


Marine lubricants supply services have always been rated by the ability to reliably supply vessels wherever they sail.

Although that never meant that marine lubricants were available in 100% of the ports of the world, extensive marine lubricants supply networks have always focused on the ability to deliver not only in main ports but also in more remote ports and to service all types of vessels not just liners trading predictable routes…

In the last two years, and in view of the lubrication issues (cold corrosion) appearing on long /super long strokes engines and when slow steaming, the OEM have recommended the combination of higher BN cylinder oils (BN 100) when burning HSFO and BN 40 cylinder oils when burning LSFO for most modern engines (typically MAN Diesel & Turbo Mark 8 engines and later designs), and the use of the classic coupling of BN 70 cylinder oil (when burning HSFO) and BN 40 cylinder oil (when burning LSFO) for older types of engines.

These clear recommendations have of course impacted on the stocks globally. In term of availability, this has created numerous bottlenecks and supply issues all around the world, and for ship owners and managers this has meant a lot of ongoing confusion and headaches.

Global and reliable supply of Marine Lubricants is facing increasing challenges

At UniMarine, wherever you sail our supply solutions ensure 24/7 smooth deliveries no matter what.

UniMarine and our dedicated teams of local industry professionals spread in our offices around the globe have years of field experience delivering fuels and marine lubricants to your vessels in both main and secondary ports.

From Vladivostok to Peru, Saint Eustatius to Tema, from Veracruz to Lagos or from Rotterdam to Durban, extensive geographical coverage is essential to the smooth operation of your vessels and at the core of our daily achievements.

Our local knowledge comprises of all possible delivery conditions and difficulties and offer customized solutions when such are most needed. Our team hands-on experience of overall management of vessels from the engine room to the port side whatever the type of vessel enables us to provide you with comprehensive and reliable deliveries around the clock and around the globe.

It is all about Shipping!